Halloween Kills Rave Review By An Art Online Store

"Capitol Theater  located in Lakewood, OH was really fun, we had went to celebrate our brands owner October 30th birthday, in which she turned thirty two years old. To show how much she wanted to go she bought a ticket for herself  plus mom to commemorate Halloween season of  we were glad that  show did not disappoint. Which was a blessing from start to end we had popcorn a really large soda of Sprite.

With theater full of people our show was lively, fun, wanted, needed, great company, thoughts of great man, mom, city. People thought it wasn't good but we're brand wise on another level of respect for Halloween series. All together it's bigger than movie, its a season, of history which makes that show that much more winningly good. Even horribly Good, with slashing, killing to just prove ones point, was forever highlight of film, Jamie Lee Curtis was great,  all supporting roles. Tommy Dole, was killed but was all okay happening accordingly, to vibe of season, release date, etc. "

Antasia Shabria Armour